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Next regular township meeting:
Tuesday, December 10, 6:30 pm - Forest Township Hall
Please note the date/time of our next township meeting. Information pertaining to the meeting will be posted when available on the meetings page.
Recycling Update
Becker County has gone to single sort of metal and plastic at our site. The container has been labeled to indicate that. Paper, glass, and cardboard still have separate containers.
Use of the Township Hall
The town hall is available for area groups for meeting. To use the Hall please sign up on the Town Hall Schedule Calendar posted on the bulletin Board by the white board in the building. This will prevent overlapping meetings.

If you need assistance or a key please contact Carol Peterson/Clerk at 573-2701 or any of the Township Supervisors.
DRAFT Dust Control Application Policy:
It is the intent of this policy to define criteria and guidelines for the Township to administer and apply dust control on township and/or private roads. This is being posted to request additional public input. DRAFT Policy...
Assumption of Road Maintenance Policy:
It is the intent of this policy to define criteria and guidelines for the Township to assume maintenance responsibility on roads the Township does not presently maintain. This is being posted to allow for additional public review. Policy Notice...
2019 Amnesty Dates:
The 2019 Amnesty Dates for the dump have been set - May 25 & August 24. Please sort your materials according to the posted signage, i.e. mattresses, computers, paints.


Please do not bring furniture and mattresses before Saturday. If it rains these become very heavy and difficult to move.
2019 Meeting Dates:
Township Board meeting dates are scheduled for 2019. See our meetings page or download a PDF of the scheduled dates.
2020 Polling Place Resolution:
The Township Board has passed a resolution designating the official polling place for the 2020 election year. See resolution....
Notes Regarding the "Dump":
We would ask that if you use the dump to be respectful and use proper procedures i.e. recyclable material in the correct recycle bin, no construction material, don't leave garbage of any type on the ground, and close all of the lids by securing the chain. Use the Osage or Detroit Lakes sites to get rid of appliances, tires, etc.
Penalty for Non-Compliance of Posted Dump Rules
Township Ditches and Road Easements:
The ditches and road easements in our township are there to provide correct water drainage, clear view while driving and an area for snow removal from the roadways.

It has come to our attention that residents use ditches to discard grass clippings, branches, other miscellaneous items and use easements to put private property. By doing this we cannot correctly maintain our roads while grading, mowing or snow plowing. It also hinders proper water drainage. Lastly, by putting personal property in the road easement area it creates a safety hazard.

Residents are asked to discard all waste properly and not in our ditches or easements for personal use.